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Resurrected, Masassi, Exhumed, and Rishi Maze Armor

Resurrected, Massassi, Exhumed, and Rishi Maze Armor

ResurrectedMassassiExhumedRishi Maze
192 Set Bonus192 Non-set Bonus168 Non-rated PvPBlue 184 Non-set Bonus

IconMassassi Belt80
IconMassassi Chest140
IconMassassi Boot100
IconMassassi Bracer80
IconMassassi Earpiece100
IconMassassi Glove100
IconMassassi Offhand140
IconMassassi Head120
IconMassassi Leg120
IconMassassi Implant100

IconExhumed Belt600
IconExhumed Chest1000
IconExhumed Boot1000
IconExhumed Bracer600
IconExhumed Earpice800
IconExhumed Glove1000
IconExhumed Offhand1250
IconExhumed Head1000
IconExhumed Leg1000
IconExhumed Implant800
IconExhumed Mainhand1250
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Author: Asana