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Double-bladed Lightsabers

Hilt Types

4.0 Hilts

Exarch Saberstaff
Ultimate Exarch Saberstaff

Exemplar Saberstaff


Defiant Saberstaff MK-5

Outlander Saberstaff

Defiant Saberstaff MK-1

Cynosure Saberstaff

3.0 Hilts

Raider's Cove

Rishi Storyline


Sky Ridge

Rishi Storyline



Stronghold Defender Saberstaff

Cartel Market

Kingpin Lightstaff

Nar Shaddaa Event

Exquisite Champion Dualsaber

Star Cluster Pack

Etched Dueler Dualsaber

Star Cluster Pack

Deceiver, Revanite

Dark Reaver


Descendant Heirloom Dualsaber

Cartel Market

Satele Shan Dualsaber

Cartel Market




Desolator Starforged

Initiate Pack

Betrayer Starforged

Acolyte Pack

Redeemer Starforged

Apprentice Pack

Prophet Starforged

Master Pack

Swashbuckler's Saberstaff

Season 4 PvP Reward


Esstran Imports

Serenity's Unsealed Saberstaff

Deep Core/Core World Explorer's Pack

Retribution Exposed Saberstaff

Mid Rim Explorer's Pack

Reckoning Exposed Saberstaff

Outer Rim Explorer's Pack

Vengeance Unsealed Saberstaff

Deep Space Explorer's Pack

Gladatorial Saberstaff

Season 5 PvP Reward

Predacious Saberstaff

Season 6 PvP - 20,000 Tokens

Blademaster Saberstaff

Cartel Market 500cc

Blademaster Attenuated Saberstaff

Cartel Market 500cc

Older Styles

Hilt 1

Hilt 2

Hilt 3

Hilt 4

Hilt 5

Hilt 6

Hilt 7

Hilt 8

Vindicator Saberstaff

Cartel Market

Hilt 10

Hilt 11

Hilt 12

Hilt 13

Hilt 14

Hilt 15

Hilt 16

Kell Dragon

Scum and Villany (Nightmare)

Dread Forged

Gatekeeper Pack



Dread Master



Derelict, Over-tuned Derelict
Volatile Derelict

Archon Pack, Supreme Mogul Pack
Cartel Rep

Hilt 21a

Hilt 21b

Hilt 22a

Hilt 22b

Outbreak Response Saberstaff

Rakghoul Event

Hilt 24a

Hilt 24b

Hilt 25a

Dauntless Avenger

Hotshot Pack

Antique Socorro (Aurek)

Gatekeeper Pack

Antique Socorro (Cresh)

Seneschel pack

Antique Socorro (Besh)

Constable Pack

Antique Socorro (Dorn)

Architect Pack

NameStyleLevelBindHow to Obtain
Antique Socorro Saberstaff Aurek26a1BoECartel - Gatekeeper
Antique Socorro Saberstaff Besh27a1BoECartel - Constable
Antique Socorro Saberstaff Cresh26b1BoECartel - Seneschal
Antique Socorro Saberstaff Dorn27b1BoECartel - Archtiect
Arkanian Stalker's Saberstaff0255BoE/BoPArtifce / sSaV
Arkanian Survivor's Saberstaff0255BoE/BoPArtifice / sSaV
Assault Saberstaff0438BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Athiss Twin blade1421BoPAthiss
Benevolent Ancient Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff1448BoP - Light III14 Planet Coms
Benevolent Elder Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff39BoE
Benevolent Force Perception Lightsaberstaff1336BoP - Light III14 Planet Coms
Benevolent Primeval Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff1350BoE - Light IV*
Benevolent Venerable Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff0443BoE - Light III*
Campaign Stalker's Saberstaff0150BoE/BoPCrafted, 75 Basic Coms
Campaign Survivor's Saberstaff0150BoE/BoPCrafted, 75 Basic Coms
Custodian's Champion Double-Bladed Lightsaber45BoE
Custodian's Dauntless Double-Bladed Lightsaber37BoE
Custodian's Fearless Double-Bladed Lightsaber41BoE
Custodian's Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber33BoE
Custodian's Hand-crafted Double-Bladed Lightsaber35BoE
Custodian's Masterwork Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Custodian's Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber31BoE
Custodian's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber47BoE
Custodian's Scorching Double-Bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Custodian's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber43BoE
Custom-built Double-bladed Saber0420BoEArtifice
CZR-9001 Duelist's Saberstaff0255BoPCzerka - 120 Basic Coms
CZR-9001 Striker's Saberstaff0255BoPCzerka- 120 Basic Coms
Dark Ancient Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber1348BoP - Dark III14 Planet Coms
Dark Elder Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Dark Erudite Double-bladed Lightsaber0616BoP - Dark I14 Planet Coms
Dark Force Stoic Double-bladed Lightsaber1536BoP - Dark III14 Planet Coms
Dark Primeval Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber0550BoE - Dark IV*
Dark Reverie Double-bladed Lightsaber0523BoE - Dark III*
Dark Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber0611BoE - Dark I*
Dark Stalker Double-bladed Lightsaber0628BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 11,800
Dark Umbra Double-bladed Lightsaber19BoE
Dark Venerable Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber0643BoE - Dark III*
Dark Zealot's Double-Bladed Lightsaber0514BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Darkwalker's Saberstaff724BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Dauntless Avenger's Saberstaff25b1BoECartel - Hotshot
Deceptor's Saberstaff51BoP
Derelict Saberstaff201BoECartel - Archon
Descendant's Heirloom Dualsaber361BoECartel
Devastator's Double-Bladed Lightsaber10*1BoE Cartel - Black Market, Crime Lord
Disruptor's Lightsaber11BoP
Double-Bladed Lightsaber058BoPClass Mission: Assassin
Double-bladed Lightsaber of Quintessential Defense50BoP
Double-Saber of Avenging Wrath45BoP
Double-Saber of Deception45BoP
Double-Saber of Unyielding Battle0325BoPMandalorian Raiders
Dread Forged Stalker's Saberstaff1855BoE/BoP
Dread Forged Survivor's Saberstaff1855BoE/BoP
Dread Guard Stalker's Saberstaff0150BoE/BoPArtifice, h/nm EC
Dread Guard Survivor's Saberstaff0150BoE/BoPArtifice, h/nm EC
Dread Master Stalker's Saberstaff1955BoPnmDP - Dread Council
Dread Master Survivor's Saberstaff1955BoPnmDP - Dread Council
Dread Nova Saberstaff37BoP
Dreadstalker's Saberstaff1224BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Eclipse Double-bladed Saber0234BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Elegant Disruption Saber0838BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Elegant Modified Double-bladed Saber1550BoECrafted
Elite Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber52BoP
Elite Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE - Dark I
Enclave Lightstaff8BoP
Energized Conqueror's Saberstaff16*1BoE Cartel - Vice Commandant
Enhanced Stalker's Saberstaff0254BoP*
Enhanced Survivor's Saberstaff0254BoP*
Etched Dueler's Dualsaber331BoE Cartel - Star Cluster
Exceptional Stalker's Saberstaff0253BoPMakeb-Basic Coms
Exceptional Survivor's Saberstaff0253BoPMakeb-Basic Coms
Exquisite Champion's Dualsaber321BoECartel - Star Cluster
Fearless Retaliator's Saberstaff24a1BoECartel - Wingman, Dogfighter
Forceguard's Lightsaber1238BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Gray Helix Saberstaff10BoLGree Event
Hammer Saberstaff of Vindication1117BoPHammer Station
Improved Stalker's Saberstaff0253BoP*
Improved Survivor's Saberstaff0253BoP*
Indomitable Vanquisher's Saberstaff25a1BoECartel - Space Jockey
Infiltrator's Saberstaff51BoP
Intercessor's Lightsaber0330BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Jedi Promulgator's Lightstaff0314BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Kell Dragon Stalker's Saberstaff1755BoPnmSaV- Cartel Warlords
Kell Dragon Survivor's Saberstaff1755BoPnmSaV- Cartel Warlords
Kingpin's Lightstaff311BoLNightlife Event
Lightsaber of Avenging Wrath0846BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Battle Judgment0842BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Defiance0442BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Elusive Defense0834BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Force Riposte37BoP
Lightsaber of Nimble Defense0246BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Obscure Defense1324BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Lightsaber of Premonition51BoP
Lightsaber of Shadowsight51BoP
Lord Kallig's Double-Bladed Lightsaber31BoP
Malevolent Ancient Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff0448BoP - Dark III14 Planet Coms
Malevolent Elder Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff39BoE
Malevolent Force Perception Lightsaberstaff1136BoP - Dark III14 Planet Coms
Malevolent Primeval Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff0650BoE - Dark IV*
Malevolent Venerable Exemplar's Lightsaberstaff1243BoE - Dark III*
Master's Double-bladed Lightsaber1417BoE*
Nova Saberstaff0646BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Outbreak Response Saberstaff231BoLRakghoul Event
Over-Tuned Conqueror's Saberstaff16*1BoECartel - Regulator, Enforcer
Over-Tuned Derelict Saberstaff20*1BoECartel Reputation Vendor
Pitiless Raider Dualsaber22b1BoECartel - Opportunist
Primal Adjunct Double-Bladed Lightsaber721BoE - Dark I*
Primal Apostle Double-Bladed Lightsaber1213BoE - Dark I*
Primal Augur Double-Bladed Lightsaber723BoE - Dark I*
Primal Champion Double-Bladed Lightsaber45BoE
Primal Dauntless Double-Bladed Lightsaber37BoE
Primal Expert Double-Bladed Lightsaber29BoE
Primal Fearless Double-Bladed Lightsaber41BoE
Primal Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber33BoE
Primal Hand-crafted Double-Bladed Lightsaber35BoE
Primal Legion Double-Bladed Lightsaber25BoE
Primal Masterwork Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Primal Maven Double-Bladed Lightsaber1119BoE - Dark I*
Primal Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber31BoE
Primal Mentor Double-Bladed Lightsaber27BoE
Primal Neophyte Double-Bladed Lightsaber069BoE - Light I*
Primal Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber47BoE
Primal Scorching Double-Bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Primal Student Double-Bladed Lightsaber11BoE
Primal Sycophant Double-Bladed Lightsaber0317BoE*
Primal Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber43BoE
Primal Zealot Double-Bladed Lightsaber1215BoE - Dark I*
Principled Ancient Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber1448BoP - Light III14 Planet Coms
Principled Elder Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Principled Erudite Double-bladed Lightsaber1316BoP - Light I14 Planet Coms
Principled Force Stoic Double-bladed Lightsaber0636BoP - Light III14 Planet Coms
Principled Primeval Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber1350BoE - Light IV*
Principled Reverie Double-bladed Lightsaber0423BoE - Light II*
Principled Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber1311BoE - Light I*
Principled Stalker Double-bladed Lightsaber1328BoPAlderaan, Tatooine Vendor 11,800
Principled Umbra Double-bladed Lightsaber19BoE
Principled Venerable Seeker's Double-bladed Lightsaber1243BoE - Light III*
Protector's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber52BoE
Protector's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Renowned Agile Mind Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Assassin Adept Double-bladed Lightsaber0835BoP - EMission: Highway to Destruction (Taris 744, 288)
Renowned Assassin's Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Blade Dancer Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Dark Acolyte Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Grandmaster Assassin's Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Grandmaster Templar's LightsaberstaffBoP
Renowned Honored Assassin's Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Master Assassin's Double-bladed Lightsaber0839BoP - EMission: Medical Advancement (Hoth 2255, -398)
Renowned Master Templar's Lightsaberstaff0339BoP - EMission: Medical Advancement (Hoth 2255, -398)
Renowned Paramount Assassin's Double-bladed LightsaberBoP
Renowned Paramount Templar's LightsaberstaffBoP
Renowned Supreme Assassin's Double-bladed Lightsaber1547BoP - EMission: Rock Eaters (Voss -429, -1987)
Renowned Supreme Templar's Lightsaberstaff0547BoP - EMission: Rock Eaters (Voss -429, -1987)
Renowned Templar Adept Lightsaberstaff1535BoP - EMission: Highway to Destruction (Taris 744, 288)
Revanite Lightsaber0512BoE*
Revered Arbiter's Double-bladed Lightsaber0516BoP - RMission: Enemies of the Republic (Coru 955, 4573)
Revered Champion Adept Lightsaberstaff1235BoPMission: Hit'em Where They Live (Bal -515, 1800) Prereq: Clearing the Roads
Revered Grandmaster Champion's Lightsaberstaff50BoP
Revered Grandmaster Shadow's Double-bladed Lightsaber50BoP
Revered Jedi Prowler Double-bladed Lightsaber23BoP
Revered Master Champion's Lightsaberstaff39BoP
Revered Master Shadow's Double-bladed Lightsaber39BoP
Revered Meditation Double-bladed Lightsaber31BoP
Revered Paramount Champion's Lightsaberstaff43BoP
Revered Paramount Shadow's Double-bladed Lightsaber43BoP
Revered Recluse Double-bladed Lightsaber20BoP
Revered Shadow Adept Double-bladed Lightsaber0235BoPMission: Hit'em Where They Live (Bal -515, 1800) Prereq: Clearing the Roads
Revered Shadow Consular Double-bladed Lightsaber1427BoPTatooine Bonus Series
Revered Shadow's Double-bladed Lightsaber12BoP
Revered Supreme Champion's Lightsaberstaff0347BoP - RMission: Cyber Mercenaries (Voss 660, -1310)
Revered Supreme Shadow's Double-bladed Lightsaber1247BoP - RMission: Cyber Mercenaries (Voss 660, -1310)
Riposte Double-bladed Lightsaber0338BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Saber Disciple's Double-Saber41BoP
Saberstaff of Battle Judgment1429BoPCademimu
Saberstaff of Invigorating Assault37BoP
Saberstaff of Nightmares0542BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Saberstaff of the Eclipse37BoP
Sacrificial Double-Bladed Lightsaber20BoP
Satele Shan's Dualsaber371BoECartel - Direct Buy
Sentry's Champion Double-Bladed Lightsaber45BoE
Sentry's Dauntless Double-Bladed Lightsaber37BoE
Sentry's Fearless Double-Bladed Lightsaber41BoE
Sentry's Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber33BoE
Sentry's Hand-crafted Double-Bladed Lightsaber35BoE
Sentry's Masterwork Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Sentry's Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber31BoE
Sentry's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber47BoE
Sentry's Scorching Double-Bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Sentry's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber43BoE
Shadow Strider's Saberstaff0346BoP - R900 Warzone Coms
Shadowbringer's Double-Saber33BoP
Sovran's Adjunct Double-Bladed Lightsaber0421BoE - Light I*
Sovran's Apostle Double-Bladed Lightsaber0613BoE - Light I*
Sovran's Augur Double-Bladed Lightsaber23BoE
Sovran's Champion Double-Bladed Lightsaber45BoE
Sovran's Dauntless Double-Bladed Lightsaber37BoE
Sovran's Expert Double-Bladed Lightsaber29BoE
Sovran's Fearless Double-Bladed Lightsaber41BoE
Sovran's Flux Double-Bladed Lightsaber33BoE
Sovran's Hand-crafted Double-Bladed Lightsaber35BoE
Sovran's Legion Double-Bladed Lightsaber25BoE
Sovran's Masterwork Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Sovran's Maven Double-Bladed Lightsaber0319BoE - Light I*
Sovran's Meditation Double-Bladed Lightsaber31BoE
Sovran's Mentor Double-Bladed Lightsaber27BoE
Sovran's Neophyte Double-Bladed Lightsaber069BoE - Light I*
Sovran's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber47BoE
Sovran's Scorching Double-Bladed Lightsaber39BoE
Sovran's Student Double-Bladed Lightsaber11BoE
Sovran's Sycophant Double-Bladed Lightsaber17BoE
Sovran's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber43BoE
Sovran's Zealot Double-Bladed Lightsaber15BoE
Stronghold Defender's Saberstaff30*1BoECartel
Swayer's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber52BoE
Swayer's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Truthseeker (Rep)0148BoEArtifce
Truthseeker (Imp)1048BoEArtifice
Unconquered Defender's Saberstaff24b1BoECartel - Galactic Ace
Underworld Stalker's Saberstaff1655BoE/BoPArtifice/hSaV - Cartel Warlords
Underworld Survivor's Saberstaff1655BoE/BoPArtifice/hSaV-Cartel Warlors
Unrelenting Aggressor Dualsaber22a1BoECartel - Tracker
Untouchable Saboteur's Double-Saber41BoP
Vanguard Double-bladed Saber1554BoEArtifice
Vicious Assailant Dualsaber21b1BoECartel - Contractor, Freelancer
Vicious Double-Saber33BoP
Vigorous Battler Dualsaber21b1BoECartel - Pursuer
Vindicator's Saberstaff091BoECartel - Direct Buy
Volatile Conqueror's Saberstaff16*1BoECartel - Vice Commandant
Volatile Derelict Saberstaff20*1BoECartel - Spureme Mogul
Warborn Saberstaff1534BoP - E900 Warzone Coms
Warmaster's Double-Bladed Lightsaber12*1BoECartel - Blockade Runner
Warmonger's Saberstaff1311BoPBlack Talon, 14 Planet Coms
Watch's Savant Double-Bladed Lightsaber52BoE
Watch's Undying Double-Bladed Lightsaber50BoE
Worn Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Rep)038BoPClass Mission: Counselor
Worn Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Imp)8BoPClass Mission: Assassin
Zez-Kai Ell's Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Imp)1048BoEArtifce
Zez-Kai Ell's Double-Bladed Lightsaber (Rep)0148BoEArtifice
Revanite Saberstaff 35a 60 BoP hm ToS-Revan
Dark Reaver Saberstaff 35c 60 BoP 3500 rWz Coms
Resurrected Saberstaff 39b 60 BoP sToS-Revan
Exhumed Saberstaff 39a 60 BoP 1250 Wz Coms
Midlithe Saberstaff 29c 56 BoE Artifice
Sky Ridge Saberstaff 29a 56 BoP Mission: Yavin Storyline
Raider's Cove Saberstaff 28a 55 BoP Mission: Yavin Storyline
Desolator Star Forged Saberstaff 40a 1 BoE Cartel - Initiate Pack
Alliance Saberstaff 19 BoE sFP - Forged Alliances
Yavin Saberstaff 28b 60 BoP sFP-lvl 60
Masassi Saberstaff 38b 60 BoP sRav, sToS
Deceiver Saberstaff 35a 60 BoP hRav, hToS
Obroan 18b 55 BoP Disc
Dread Forged 18a 55 BoP DISC
Shadowed 17 55 BoP nm TfB, SaV
Brutalizer Lightsaber 19B 55 BoP DISC
Betrayer Star Forged Saberstaff 40b 1 BoE Cartel - Acolyte Pack
Redeemer Star Forged Saberstaff 40c 1 BoE Cartel - Apprentice Pack
Prophet Star Forged Saberstaff 40d 1 BoE Cartel - Master Pack
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